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Anonymous asked:

What happened for people saying bad things about Kyu?: /


Hello. Maybe you didn”t read my another post but I’ve said it, nothing happened. NOTHING PARTICULARLY EVIL HAPPENED :D
It’s just you know, people mindlessly making sexual jokes all the time and calling him things that are not supposed to be used to refer to someone you love, on tumblr, on twitter, on weibo, @-ing him even, like why ;; if you’re locked it’s okay, but when you’re not, people can see it, it’s just so inappropriate.
I unfortunally saw some on my dash and I got so upset over it like, why are you so mean to him? He was so tired, why are you calling his conduct as bitchy? Are you out of your mind? Kyuhyun is a total sweetheart even if he’s mischievous. How are you his fan if you didn’t know what a sweetheart he is and have the heart to call him such things? He is not evil, like, it’s a joke yes but it’s 2k14, please stop! It’s irrelevant and not funny anymore. If you still think he’s evil you’re missing out a wonderful being that is Kyuhyun, so please reconsider.
Also the other thing is, yes you can be sexually frustrated by him but please don’t treat him like a sex object :\
I don’t want to point fingers, but I just want people to know that it’s not okay. Please respect Kyuhyun, or any idols really, as a human being. Not just for their sake but your sake too. If you can’t respect others, how would you expect others to respect you. I certainly know if you treat my oppa like a piece of meat, I’ll totally lost my respect to you. That is all.

This is getting so long but maybe the first time and last time I’m talking about it hehe ♡ /sending harteu to my lovely followers
Sorry for the rant

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